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7 reasons why every young entrepreneur needs a business card

About 6 years ago in the Zim dollar era I overheard a senior corporate executive saying “I will not take seriously any young man in business who doesn’t have a business card.” Yes I was in business that time and I did not have a business card. In fact I did not bother myself with one at least for that time. I was runnig a grocery store downtown(kumatuckshop) after all it was a sellers market.

By Simba Nyamadzawo

The reality dawned on me when I left the business to my brother to start my consultancy work. My first clients were friends and relatives people who did care to have my business card since they knew me already, so I assumed. “They know me, they trust me, they have my contacts, they know where to find m,” I would convince myself. The challenge came as I began to solicit business elsewhere, clients began to demand business cards and I was found wanting. Around that time my spiritual father Apostle Tavonga Vutabwashe began to emphasize the importance of business cards.
I thank God for my creative designer friends who came to the rescure. Their creativity meant I had 3 business card designs. Since, I seldom move around without my business cards. The markert has changed; it’s no longer a sellers market but a buyers market.
I remember sometime in 2013 during one seminar organised by Mrs Florence Chaurura I was given money and a stress ball by Dr Stem Mahlatini after she asked for guests’ business cards and was impressed by my card. Two weeks from that day I was invited to a marketplace leaders breakfast by Mr Luke Moyana, after the presentations were done all our business cards were put in a raffle draw and my card was picked and was given a book THINK LIKE A CHAMPION written by Donal Trump.

I now appreciate the importance of business card. The old man was right after all. If you are in business you need a card. It costs only $10 to print 100 business cards which translates to 10 cents a single card.
Go and print your business card today.
When it comes to designs, I believe in simplicity. Just do something simple and straightforward will do.

7 Reasons why you need a business card.
1) A card will continue to speak for you, long after you have gone
2) A card is a branding tool, it represents your company, products and you.
3) A card is a networking tool
4) A card gives you a justifiable excuse for asking another person’s card
5) In some business settings its a must to bring your card.
6) Its one of the cheapest ways to push your brand visibility
7) Senior business leaders do not take seriously a young entrepreneur with no card.


Simba Nyamadzawo is a Leadership and Business Consultant, Inspirational Speaker and Author Faithpreneurship. Through his company Infinite Inspiration he has assisted hundreds of young entrepreneurs to set up and formalize the registration of  their businesses 

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