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Are Hard or Soft Skills More Important?

One can have the very best technical and functionally specific expertise but cannot be considered a leader without engaging followers, and that is done through effective communication, relationship-building and developing emotional connections.

By Bleluk Life-Coaching

“I would argue that it is the proficiency in the ‘soft’ skills like empathy, communication and emotional intelligence that determine whether a leader is even able to successfully employ the ‘hard’ skills like analysis, risk management and operating efficiencies. You really can’t operate efficiently if you can’t get the best from your people, and they may not ‘hear’ you if there’s no emotional connection,” began one of the discussions within the BLELUK CONSULTING staff.

Striking the right balance between “hard” and “soft” skills is one of the ultimate tests of leadership, and BLELUK CONSULTING staff members conveyed their thoughts:

“Managers use what you call hard skills to plan, organize, command and control organizations. This is very different from the role of a leader, who uses personal influence (soft skills) to guide people toward goals.”

“I believe that even though a combination of soft and hard skills are required at all stages of a manager’s career, the mix changes steadily from being biased toward hard skills initially to soft skills later on.”

“I strongly believe that, given a foundational level of hard skills, soft skills are MUCH more important than hard skills relative to an executive’s success and the success of their organization.”

“In my experience there’s nothing soft in soft skills, and they are undervalued in many organizations, resulting in negative effects on the bottom-line.”

“In a normal résumé/cover letter/interview, how many hiring managers really screen on soft skills? None, because what candidate has EVER admitted, ‘Well, to be honest, I’m a marginal communicator; I’m not great in working with teams;’ or ‘I think listening skills are overrated.'”

BLELUK CONSULTING-ZIMBABWE was founded in 2009 as a wholly owned Zimbabwean company to bridge the gap in training, business and life coaching and general consultancy and human resources training. The need for effective and efficient application of skills in dynamic work environments and unlocking of human resources’ full potential to attain optimum output has been a topical matter. Needless to say underachievement has been primarily caused by failure to adopt workable strategies and adjust to varying business trends to meet the ever changing environments. BLELUK CONSULTING has developed training programmes with practical, effective techniques and strategies customised to suit current trends in commerce and industry. It is envisaged that as BLELUK CONSULTING continues to research and develop relevant training programmes the impact of the intervention will be noticeable. BLELUK CONSULTING will remain committed to high working standards. Our team of experts will continually develop our products and services in line with contemporary business trends.

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