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NgodaBusiness 2017 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 40


2017 Theme: Business beyond Talk, Leading from the Front Background The Ngoda List for 2017 recognises enterprising Zimbabweans who are 40 and under. As per tradition, 10 names were listed after a thorough adjudication process. The 2017 Edition is unique in that it features an additional list of exceptional Zimbabweans who did not make it in into the top 10, …

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What you know determines how far you go

Ever wondered  why we carry different views of the same things, why we react differently to the same information or stimuli? By Prechard Mhako There is an Indian parable about 6 blind men who went to ‘see’ an elephant. After touching the same elephant they still would not agree what it was “Hey, the elephant is a pillar,” said the …

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Leadership & Life Lessons from Playing Chess

Ashwet Masango, my late cousin, is the man who believed in me so much that it scared me. He gave me my first shot at playing chess, dedicating his time and energy to teach me the rules of the game. Soon, I was playing well. By Prechard Mhako I was just a little boy then, but I knew this game …

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How to lure investors – Tips by Vusi Thembekwayo

Investors like myself are looking for deals. We have the capital available to do the deals. BUT entrepreneurs must meet us half way by doing their homework. Here is what every investors wants to know: 1. Numbers know your Sales & Revenue (and know, they are not the same thing); know your Margins (Net & Gross); know your “perfect capital …

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“If we encounter a man of rare intellect we should ask him what books he reads” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson By Simba Nyamadzawo I was first introduced to books by my sister Florence and ever since then I have developed a passion and thirsty for books. As an author and inspirational speaker I have been asked by friends and clients questions …

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Zimbabwe’s Leading Entrepreneurs – Ngoda Under40 Achievers, Class of 2015

African Renaissance is much more real now as young people are stepping into serious economic territories. The following list recognises young Zimbabweans who excelled in business over the past year The Class of 2015 Wicknel Chivayo – Alternative Energy, Philanthropy, Diversified Frank Buyanga – Finance, Property, Diversified Genius Kadungure- Energy, Diversified Chamu Chiwanza- Finance, Security, Diversified Munyaradzi Gwatidzo- Technology, Communication …

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Press Release: Ngoda Under 40 Achievers List

Press Release Release Date: 15 February 2016 Subject: 10 Ngoda Under 40 Achievers  of 2015 Theme: Business beyond Talk, Leading from the front Background The Ngoda Under 40 Achievers List, previously known as the Ngoda Under 40 Game Changers List has been rebranded in view of the need to inspire our current generation of young people to utilize their abilities …

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5 Lessons I learnt from my Grandpa about running a successful business

My grandfather, Shadreck Gambahaya is one of my greatest sources of inspiration when it comes to doing business because he overcame various challenges and stereotypes to building a great retail empire. He also happens to be the reasons why I decided to pursue a business career in the retail space. I’m going to share 5 lessons that I learnt from …

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