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Focus on Brand You

Tanvi Bhatt suggests that building a successful organization isn’t enough. The entrepreneur should be visible as well.

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7 reasons why every young entrepreneur needs a business card

About 6 years ago in the Zim dollar era I overheard a senior corporate executive saying “I will not take seriously any young man in business who doesn’t have a business card.” Yes I was in business that time and I did not have a business card. In fact I did not bother myself with one at least for that …

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Just Say it: WhatsApp is Murdering Productivity in the Workplace

By Komborerai Murimba – Nobody wants to say it. WhatsApp is murdering productivity in the workplace by the percentages! WhatsApp addiction is now a more serious problem than we ever thought Facebook was because on the most part, it actively takes the user out their your work while they actively concentrate on responding to incoming IMs. So bad is this …

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Positioning Your Business in the Global Market

The first thing that strikes and fascinates me about this time of the year is that some small to medium enterprises enter the year as undisputed leaders in their segments earning an unrivalled reputation as high-flying companies. Only to fall from grace due to stagnation caused by a lack of a strategy that enables them to become relevant in the …

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The art of using SMS effectively in business

The drive to increase communication efficiencies using SMS (short message service) is closely linked to how SMS messaging helps reduces the cost of doing business. Not only is SMS a cost-effective channel for delivering short notifications, alerts or reminders as well as receiving replies from customers, it also provides a way of reducing telephony costs, a major business overhead.

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Ways to improve your networking skills

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” — Robert KiyosakiReport by  Phillip Chichoni I attended a networking cocktail event recently, where people from different organisations had been invited. While having drinks, I overhead two gentlemen talking; they were complaining that such events were useless and a waste of time as you …

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Business Digital Integration: A View Of All Your Marketing Options

Digital Marketing Integration Anesu Michael Maposa on Ngoda Business Info Zimbabwe

By Anesu Michael Maposa Often people come to SPE Media asking for a website design, or to have us talk with their team about social media best practices, or ask our advice about what their LinkedIn profile should say. While we are happy to help with all these various digital marketing activities, we always encourage everyone to look at the …

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Zimbabwe Digital Renaissance – No business left behind.


By Anesu Michael Maposa With the digital renaissance dawn upon Africa and in these tough economic times, every penny counts so whatever you decide to invest your hard earned cash in your business, it’s not rocket science that you would want a positive return. The higher Return On Investment you realise, the more satisfied you are. An investment in a …

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As Tough As Your Brand .

As Tough As Your Brand Shaun Chitsiga Ngoda Business Info Zimbabwe

BY SHAUN “STACH” CHITSIGA When you buy a product or service, you buy trust. This is the essence of marketing branding. Translated into industry jargon, this is called brand equity. Certain brands tend to become an integral part of peoples’ lifestyles. Like any other relationship, trust is key. You want to be able to trust your relationships. That they will be …

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Did Google Stop Sending You Traffic?


By Carol Tice Back in February, search-engine giant Google made a change in its algorithms aimed at cutting the number of junk-content sites — sometimes known as “content mills” that appear at the top of search results. The idea was to assign lower ranking to sites that use a lot of recycled or duplicate content, or that had many stories overstuffed …

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