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Focus on Brand You

Tanvi Bhatt suggests that building a successful organization isn’t enough. The entrepreneur should be visible as well.

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Positioning Your Business in the Global Market

The first thing that strikes and fascinates me about this time of the year is that some small to medium enterprises enter the year as undisputed leaders in their segments earning an unrivalled reputation as high-flying companies. Only to fall from grace due to stagnation caused by a lack of a strategy that enables them to become relevant in the …

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As Tough As Your Brand .

As Tough As Your Brand Shaun Chitsiga Ngoda Business Info Zimbabwe

BY SHAUN “STACH” CHITSIGA When you buy a product or service, you buy trust. This is the essence of marketing branding. Translated into industry jargon, this is called brand equity. Certain brands tend to become an integral part of peoples’ lifestyles. Like any other relationship, trust is key. You want to be able to trust your relationships. That they will be …

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The 4 Steps To Succesful Advertising Campaigns

If other companies were able to succeed with advertising campaigns, there is no doubt that you can do it for your business too. There are four elements that you need to consider and as long as you incorporate them in your ad campaigns, you will surely succeed. Unlike neighbouring South Africa , Zimbabwebabwean companies still lag behind when it comes …

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Public Relations in Small to Medium businesses

Setting up in business is very exciting, challenging and part of that build-up is good marketing.  Public Relations can be used as an essential part of this. Here’s why- Public Relations can help build your reputation and attract new clients and customers Your initial and long-term business success can depend on building a good reputation. And the sooner you start, …

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