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NgodaBusiness 2017 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 40


2017 Theme: Business beyond Talk, Leading from the Front Background The Ngoda List for 2017 recognises enterprising Zimbabweans who are 40 and under. As per tradition, 10 names were listed after a thorough adjudication process. The 2017 Edition is unique in that it features an additional list of exceptional Zimbabweans who did not make it in into the top 10, …

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Zimbabwe’s Leading Entrepreneurs – Ngoda Under40 Achievers, Class of 2015

African Renaissance is much more real now as young people are stepping into serious economic territories. The following list recognises young Zimbabweans who excelled in business over the past year The Class of 2015 Wicknel Chivayo – Alternative Energy, Philanthropy, Diversified Frank Buyanga – Finance, Property, Diversified Genius Kadungure- Energy, Diversified Chamu Chiwanza- Finance, Security, Diversified Munyaradzi Gwatidzo- Technology, Communication …

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Small business growth: How to court investors

“Investor wanted. Small mining business. Great potential for growth.”— Advertisements like this one are common in the Business Opportunities classifieds section of daily newspapers these days. There comes a time in most successful businesses when the need arises for outside funding. Some owners avert that need by maintaining their businesses at small levels. One research study revealed that the vast …

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Sponsor own projects!

Potato farmers in Troutbeck in Nyanga always encounter serious problems when it comes to transporting their produce to the market.

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Emotional Intelligence In Managing Finances

Emotional Intelligence In Managing Finances by Tafirenyika Makunike on Ngoda Business Blog Zimbabwe

By Tafirenyika Makunike WHEN I went to school in Zimbabwe years ago, we always related intelligence to getting higher grades and we thought it was a direct function of IQ. I first bumped into Emotional Intelligence through Daniel Goleman, the author of the best-selling book “Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ” a couple years ago. I was …

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Withholding of amounts payable under contracts.

Withholding of amounts payable under contracts Zimbabwe Business Ngoda Business Info

Did you know that all registered business operators are required to withhold 10 percent of amounts payable under contract to payees without valid tax clearance certificates? All registered business operators – including Government, quasi-government and statutory corporations – who enter into any contracts which result in an obligation to pay any amounts totalling or aggregating US$250 or more are required …

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Setting financial goals, and chasing them

by Tafirenyika Makunike ONE of the greatest opportunities conferred by the silly season we have entered now is the opportunity to think. The soft music, the goodwill messages of Christmas and the great outdoors create a fertile ambiance for productive thinking. As Zimbabweans, it is important that we make a transition from just an educated community to a ‘thinking and …

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The rise and rise of Mudavanhu

By Arthur Choga A young man running 15km, across two furious rivers, while clutching an old brown sugar packet packed with plain boiled dry maize in the freezing Gokwe winter, is an image one might not easily call to mind when faced with Samuel Mudavanhu, the group chief executive officer of Develop-It Zimbabwebabwe, a multi-million-dollar wholly indigenous entity. When Mudavanhu …

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Firm launches US$500 000 SMEs fund

The Herald Zwe -Business Reporter OXLINK Capital, a local micro-finance institution, has launched a US$500 000 small to medium enterprises fund that will be accessed by traders and businesses operating formally. Speaking to the Herald Business, Oxlink Capital general manager Mrs Rudo Makandwa said the fund was part of her company’s response to the needs of business. She said the …

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Peanut butter making in Zimbabwebabwe

Fadzavanhu Enterprises — Zimbabwebabwe   Meet Esnat Yosa, Memory Chawira, Lucy Chikoani and Roster Ziko, the ladies of Fadzavanhu Enterprises – a women’s co-operative group in Chitungwiza, a satellite town of the Zimbabwebabwean capital Harare – who have been able to improve their families’ quality of living by making peanut butter. Theirs is just one of the successful and sustainable …

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