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How to grow Potatoes in Straw in Zimbabwe

Even a couch potato can grow a good potato crop with very little effort. By using straw and a little soil preparation up front, it’s easy to grow an admirable crop in a limited space. And few crops yield more than the potato.

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Potato Farming in Zimbabwe

Planting potatoes early means you will yield before summer. Summer is prevalent with diseases because of the hot weather and high humidity – good environment for bacteria. Thus planting early saves your potatoes from late blight. The only risk in planting during this period is from potato tuber moth which can be reduced by carbaryl

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Investing In Office Property In Zimbabwe

Vengai Madzima Property Guide A lot of people are turning towards investing in office property as it offers a high return on initial input. This is largely due to the fact that space is charged per square metre while the landlord reserves the option to insert a goodwill payment charge to prospective tenants. Demand for office space is cyclical and …

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