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Start Up Basics

10 Excuses Potential Entrepreneurs Make

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By Rabison Shumba Starting and running your own business has never been an easy road. It is a leap of faith, hope and believing in your dream that it will one day blossom. Building a company is similar to what a farmer goes through. He has time to Prepare the land, Plan the appropriate seed, Plant, Pluck out weeds and …

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How to grow Potatoes in Straw in Zimbabwe

Even a couch potato can grow a good potato crop with very little effort. By using straw and a little soil preparation up front, it’s easy to grow an admirable crop in a limited space. And few crops yield more than the potato.

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Potato Farming in Zimbabwe

Planting potatoes early means you will yield before summer. Summer is prevalent with diseases because of the hot weather and high humidity – good environment for bacteria. Thus planting early saves your potatoes from late blight. The only risk in planting during this period is from potato tuber moth which can be reduced by carbaryl

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Don’t look for funding just yet!

Money answers everything right? Yes and No.  As an entrepreneur you would probably agree that ideas are not an issue. There is never scarcity of ideas it’s the money you need to see your idea turn in to something which is usually scarce. Funding for entrepreneurs comes in different dimensions, the popular choices for any entrepreneur are deciding between debt …

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Buy Zim Conference a Success

By Robert Muganda Buy Zimbabwe BUY Zimbabwe held its second annual Buy Zimbabwe Conference and Experiential Expo last week and those who attended will agree with me that the discussions were definitely high quality. The overall outcome of the conference was that Zimbabwe needs to move away from being an import market by unlocking the country’s full potential through aggressive …

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Beauty’s Top Tips for Small Business Success

http://www.shingirirai.org Here in Zimbabwe, as in much of Africa, education is prized as a way out of the cycle of poverty and exploitation for the younger generation. In our last post, we told the story of Beauty’s determination to earn enough to educate her children.  Her son, eight-year-old Paidamoyo, is one of the young graduates from our Early Child Development (ECD) program …

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Polishing Your Business Plan

By Fanuel Kangondo  THERE has been an outcry from youths around the country over the disbursement of various youth empowerment funds to support entrepreneurial initiatives, which has sparked  some fiery debate. Some worrying statistics have emerged from the whole exercise.

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What Kind Of Entrepreneur Are You?

A successful entrepreneur isn’t always the classic, bull-by-the-horns risk-taker of legend. Sure you’ll need passion, drive and a good idea. But moxie will only get you so far. You’ve got to know your strengths and know how to make the most of them. This questionnaire, which is loosely based on a classic personality test, can give you a sense of …

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