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Beauty’s Top Tips for Small Business Success

http://www.shingirirai.org Here in Zimbabwe, as in much of Africa, education is prized as a way out of the cycle of poverty and exploitation for the younger generation. In our last post, we told the story of Beauty’s determination to earn enough to educate her children.  Her son, eight-year-old Paidamoyo, is one of the young graduates from our Early Child Development (ECD) program …

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Women Entrepreneurs Claim Their Stake.

Women entrepreneurs claim their stake zimbabwe ngoda business

Entrepreneurship with Fanuel Kangondo With political and economic transformations sweeping across the globe, economic opportunities have also arisen for women to own and operate businesses. Although it is not a new phenomenon to have women in business, it is the aggression and pace that the fairer sex has shown that has drawn my attention to the subject. Environmental changes have …

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Do Women Entrepreneurs Face Gender Discrimination?

by Diana Ransom There’s no denying that women business owners have come a long way. But some say gender discrimination continues to hold them back. Nearly half of women-led business owners say they’re on level playing field with men in business, according to a survey conducted by Women Presidents’ Organization. But 41 percent of those polled said men have the …

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Celebrating Women-Achievers In Entrepreneurship

Linda is a 38-year old entrepreneur who has made a positive contribution to the lives of a whole community through her business. She started her business 15 years ago, selling traditional sisal mats and baskets to local and overseas markets. The products are made by rural women in the southern parts of Zimbabwebabwe. Through Linda’s distributorship, over 30 women earn …

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Attain economic independence, women urged

The Herald Zwe – Business Reporter WOMEN should be financially independent, so that they can clear obstacles that exclude them from participating in the mainstream economy, author Ms Faith Ntabeni-Bhebhe has said. Launching her book, “Financial Independence – Women Ultimate Empowerment” in Harare this week, she said women should focus on economically liberating themselves since everything in the world revolved …

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Women entrepreneurs must be suppported – Zimbabwebabwe Entrepreneurial Infrastructure Series

Africa’s economic independence aspirations require more women participants to be involved in business ownership and entrepreneurship. Normally innovation drives entrepreneurship which starts first with the vision then the mission which leads to the creation of a business. There is no natural law which excludes women in business but rather social construction and family values have served to exclude women from …

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