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How to lure investors – Tips by Vusi Thembekwayo

Investors like myself are looking for deals. We have the capital available to do the deals. BUT entrepreneurs must meet us half way by doing their homework. Here is what every investors wants to know: 1. Numbers know your Sales & Revenue (and know, they are not the same thing); know your Margins (Net & Gross); know your “perfect capital …

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Vusi Thembekwayo on entrepreneurship

We watched SA’s young multi-millionaire and serial entrepreneur  Vusi Thembekwayo being interviewed on ENCA and we could not help, but share some of the wisdom nuggets he shared. Entrepreneurs will succeed regardless of the circumstances The real cost is not to starting a business, it’s to staying in business Entrepreneurs will make it work regardless of the situation Entrepreneurs are …

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How To Manage Change

Shelter Hamandishe-Chieza TODAY is not like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different from today. Continuing today’s strategy is risky; so is turning to a new strategy. These observations tell us that the society that we live in is constantly changing, and businesses, as subsets of this broader society are not spared from this change.

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Why you cannot be a cell phone farmer in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is predominantly an agro based economy. Though blessed with vast arable land, our conversion rate has been pathetic to say the least. We have been unable to fully utilise the land for economic prosperity, save for the tobacco sector which has seen massive gains in terms of export value and a sharp increase of the number of growers in …

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Leadership expert unveils the future of literature in his books.

Doctor Patson Dzamara, an expert in Business Administration, Business Leadership, Christian Leadership, Personnel Management, Marketing, Theology and Psychology has ushered in a writing technique that is likely to dominate literary work in the future. His real life thought-provoking, very engaging, inspiring and yet educative way of writing is set to radically transform how books in general and specifically how management …

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Clearly Defined Duties – The SME Handbook

Adapted from the book The SME Handbook written by Brian Kazungu The duties and responsibilities that are assigned to an individual are so critical in determining the success or failure of an organization must be clearly defined so that individuals can find it easier to deliver on what is expected of them. In this regard the first thing to highlight …

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