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How To Manage Change

Shelter Hamandishe-Chieza TODAY is not like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different from today. Continuing today’s strategy is risky; so is turning to a new strategy. These observations tell us that the society that we live in is constantly changing, and businesses, as subsets of this broader society are not spared from this change.

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Leadership expert unveils the future of literature in his books.

Doctor Patson Dzamara, an expert in Business Administration, Business Leadership, Christian Leadership, Personnel Management, Marketing, Theology and Psychology has ushered in a writing technique that is likely to dominate literary work in the future. His real life thought-provoking, very engaging, inspiring and yet educative way of writing is set to radically transform how books in general and specifically how management …

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His name is Carl Joshua Ncube or AGENT263

Carl Joshua Ncube’s side splitting, KNK standup comedy is back for the biggest night in comedy in Zimbabwe as he performs live at the Rainbow Towers on the 21st of December 2012. As part of its Christmas programming for the year Rainbow Towers has called upon the comedy giant to deliver a much needed Christmas show for Zimbabweans this December. …

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Improve Your Creativity In Doing Business

Zachary Aldwin Milkshake in the Boardroom Quick! Grab a pen. Now imagine a creature living on a different planet with a different atmosphere. Draw it in the space on the side of the page. When you done carry on reading. Now take a look at your creation. Chances are you drew something that resembles other organisms in some way, perhaps …

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The Future Of Business Is Green.

By Pritchad Mhako In an effort to turn around our economy we should not lose sight of the need to adopt sustainable ways of production that limit the destruction of our environment. Our efforts should be on creating a sustainable US$100 billion economy by 2030 with priority being placed on the need to strike a balance on people, the planet …

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