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Ezzytickets – Zimbabwean start up considers listing in Mauritius

Recently launched online ticketing start up www.ezzytickets.com is concidering listing in Mauritius.

Speaking to NgodaBusiness, the CEO Mr. Pascal Nyasha said, “We have been financing the project from our other activities and are keen on raising funding,which may take various forms. Because of our African ambition, we may consider start-up listing in Mauritius on the main exchange. We are talking to them and they have given us their requirements and some waivers. The listing is not necessarily for the money but will project us as a transparent and accountable start-up and offers investors an exit option if the stock prices goes up. In fact the listing department has already given us the documentation and its not far from us, but we will give it 6 to 9 months after we start generating revenue of whatever kind. But we may consider a private first round in between if we find friendly capital.”

According to the creaters of the site, Ezzytickets enables two things, selling of tickets online and listing of free events to receive RSVPs in the email. An organizer registers to create an account and in their account they create tickets, specifying whether paid or not,and other key information like venue, tickets available, age restrictions, ticket classes and upload a banner or logo for the event. Once they create publish, the event is published on the home. Organizers can trace their sales on the go in their account and once they want to claim, they process the claim and sent it to us within the system and can track the progress with their remittances. on the other hand, a buyer visits the website and either registers for a free event or buys a ticket, paying through the displayed payment option, that is through the paynow gateway for which we are a verified merchant. The purchaser gets a PDF ticket to their email automatically or they can save the ticket on their device to print. The ticket will have a QR code and a ticket number for verification at the event. At the event, the purchaser takes the ticket, either in print or on their device, phone or tab to the event. When an organizer creates an account, inside there is an option to download the verification application which currently seats on android. The application reads the QR code and give either of the three respond, ticket used, ticket verified or ticket does not exist, based on the status of the ticket. this application used the phone camera to verify like what bar-code scanner do and it take 2-3 seconds to get the respond and action is taken whether the person is allowed in or not

The site was establish as the creators sought to eradicate event organizing problems like ticket sales, logistics of selling and distributing physical tickets, trying to make tickets available to anyone anywhere solving the accessibility problems where tickets are available at one location. the use of digital tickets reduces cost or printing and the challenge where sales is based on customer care elements at someone’s shop, time people can be mean and your tickets sales dont go through well.

“Medium to long term we want it listed. We are finalizing a partnership with Easi, they have over 2000 booths (Computicket has just over 750 in South Africa) across the country in chicken Inns and other retailers. We are in agreement and are working to integrate the system so that tickets can be bought and redeemed through their outlets. This will be good for clients who struggle with online purchase. Our idea is to take every Africa territory as different and to build such physical presence in each market that we target. Our next target will be Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, Uganda and Rwanda, then expand into other regions, these are choices based on infrastructure and start up atmosphere and with time open offices in strategic regions like South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, London, Kuala Lampur and USA,” read a statement by Ezzytickets.

Key people in Ezzytickets are Isheanesu Doro who is Chief Software Architect and Pascal Nyasha the CEO.

We will be keeping track of this initiative as we look foward to its success. @NgodaBusiness

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