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Focus on Brand You

Tanvi Bhatt suggests that building a successful organization isn’t enough. The entrepreneur should be visible as well.

Once upon a time, there was a prosperous kingdom, ruled by a prolific king: An epitome of a ruler, an inspiring leader and a benevolent soul. He strategically grew and nurtured his kingdom into the envisioned empire—an empire beloved across the seven seas. It was a perfect story except for one small but salient sorrow—that the kingdom was being ruled by an invisible king.

By Tanvi Bhatt

Not one soul in his kingdom other than his ministers had ever seen him or known him. But there wasn’t any mystery associated with it: It was plain oversight. In his dedication towards nurturing the growing empire, he kept ignoring the most important asset of his kingdom—his subjects, who respected him deeply for the legacy he was building for them. He was their invisible king who would do all but step out of the veil and illuminate his kingdom with his majestic brand of leadership, his kingship.

Not knowing the chief
Now let’s time travel to the 21st century and look around. You have built a thriving business empire or have embarked upon a journey to build one. Every strategic move you make scales a sky higher in the universe of business.

Your company and its brand reputation is known, spoken about and applauded across this universe. Your company’s achievements are inspiring and your legacy to the world, illuminating.

Your company’s golden streak of success could even put the mighty Midas to shame; if not for that one thing you are doing: Being invisible. Being the invisible icon behind the iconic corporate brand you are nurturing puts only one entity at a tragic loss: Your brand universe—the people who love respect and celebrate your company but have been sadly bereft of knowing you and celebrating you.

The truth
It is indeed a classic question. ‘Who rules your corporate kingdom: Brand Corporate or Brand You?’ I believe your company is this prosperous kingdom whose brand is viral across the seven seas for being iconic and for being invincible. But any kingdom is mortal without its mighty custodian leading the way: The king who has built his kingdom and who has grown it into an empire. The king is the true icon
behind this empire.

You are the icon who has nurtured your idea into a legacy. Remember: Ideas are great, people make them iconic. Did you get the answer to the question yet? If not, let me put it this way: Brand You is the hallmark of your company, the worthy sovereign of your corporate kingdom, and indeed, the rightful one.

The message
You are the Icon behind your Corporate Brand. And it’s time to enlighten the world with the inspiring story of Brand You. Being the founder, owner, partner, CXO is not enough; your personal brand is not your title, it is the story of your brand, the story that celebrates you and your legacy.

Personal Branding is the art of unearthing your brand; the exclusive promise of value that Brand You offers to the world. It starts with the introspection of what makes your brand Younique, followed by the strategic ideation of how you will share your brand story with the world, and finally a promise—a commitment to illuminate the world with your brand, forever. I believe it is the beginning of celebrating the Brand You.

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