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How to lure investors – Tips by Vusi Thembekwayo

Investors like myself are looking for deals. We have the capital available to do the deals. BUT entrepreneurs must meet us half way by doing their homework.
Here is what every investors wants to know:

1. Numbers
know your Sales & Revenue (and know, they are not the same thing); know your Margins (Net & Gross); know your “perfect capital structure” to right size the business.

2. Market
Who is your competitor?
How strong are they?
How will they react?
How will you outmanoeuvre them?

3. Opportunity
Who is going to buy?
How many?
For how much?

4. You
Who are you?
What drives you?
What do you want to achieve?

5. Future
Where can this business go with the right people and the right plan.
It’s really this simple folks.

Vusi Thembekwayo is a Global Business Speaker & Private Equity Partner. He is also a dragon on the international TV show the Dragons Den http://www.vusi.co.za/

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