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Leadership expert unveils the future of literature in his books.

Doctor Patson Dzamara, an expert in Business Administration, Business Leadership, Christian Leadership, Personnel Management, Marketing, Theology and Psychology has ushered in a writing technique that is likely to dominate literary work in the future.

His real life thought-provoking, very engaging, inspiring and yet educative way of writing is set to radically transform how books in general and specifically how management texts are to be written in the future.

The youthful vibrant academic recently published five books at once at a colourful ceremony held at Innov8 Bookshop which is one of Zimbabwe’s premier book merchants.

The books that he has released so far include Dimensional Leadership, The Development Matrix, The Winning Team, The Anatomy of Process and Finish What You Start. They cover a number of areas including business management, personal development and inspiration.

All the five books that he released are concocted with his global-travels inspired real life personal experiences and real life examples from other global movers and shakers in other relevant fields.

He also extensively uses diverse practical scenarios ranging from nature, technology, human beings and even religion in order to clearly express his points.

The core of his writing is premised on introspection, inspiration and administration which makes it more appealing to the readers of diverse backgrounds since we are living in a global society.

Through introspection he engages the reader to look closely at the impact of his or her own thoughts and actions in determining the prevailing situation or reality. He then spices the writing with inspiration to ensure that the reader can enjoy and endure the prevailing circumstances towards a better situation.

He does not end by just helping his audience to engage their senses and get them fired up towards action but rather he equips the reader with the administrative techniques that are necessary to make informed decisions to ensure real positive development both personally and institutionally.

Doctor Dzamara writes in a way that bridges the various gaps between and among the people thus making it possible to reach a wide audience across the social, geo-political, economic and religious spheres.

He engages a style of writing that appeals to both the rich and the poor as well as the young and the old at the same time by highlighting the issues that affect every human being in almost every stage of human life.

His books and style of writing are a timely antidote to a crisis ridden global society that is failing to interpret the circumstances that it is grappling with since there is a need to clearly assess the processes and circumstances that have thrown the world into an abyss.

After these processes and circumstances have been identified there is a need to instil hope in the people that from right where they are, the situation can change for the better regardless of whether they are individuals or institutions.

At this stage it will be critical to point that hope without insight and administrative techniques to manage the resources is like a misguided missile that destroys and wastes the available resources at the expense of all stakeholders.

Doctor Dzamara’s books are critical for continued growth in developed countries and essential for spurring development especially in developing and underdeveloped countries across the world.

His literary work is a definite game changer in that it helps to develop and shape individuals, families and institutions that are well informed and who are inspired to move on while making the right decisions at every stage.

The unique and multi-faceted approach employed by Doctor Dzamara in his writing is likely to have ripple effects in the standard of living across all the spheres of human life ranging from business, social interactions and religious activities among other areas.

The other authors who shall engage the same style of writing are likely to increase their audience by a notable margin because of the cross sectional approach adopted in narrating stories to the readers.

Brian Kazungu is a Media Practitioner, Opinion Leader and Contemporary Philosopher.

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