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Starting a Business: The Idea Phase

You know you want to start a business, but what do you do next? Here’s how to find the perfect idea for your business. Many people believe starting a business is a mysterious process. They know they want to start a business, but they don’t know the first steps to take. In this chapter, you’re going to find out how …

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Unlimited Opportunities for the Small Budget Entrepreneurs

By Phillip Chichoni If you think it takes money to make money, Nomsa has news for you. Fifteen years ago she started business with only a wheelbarrow that she used to carry vegetables and fruits to the neighbourhood market. Through saving and reinvesting her income, Nomsa has built a US$2 million (in annual revenues) enterprise, with operations in food manufacturing, …

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Peanut butter making in Zimbabwebabwe

Fadzavanhu Enterprises — Zimbabwebabwe   Meet Esnat Yosa, Memory Chawira, Lucy Chikoani and Roster Ziko, the ladies of Fadzavanhu Enterprises – a women’s co-operative group in Chitungwiza, a satellite town of the Zimbabwebabwean capital Harare – who have been able to improve their families’ quality of living by making peanut butter. Theirs is just one of the successful and sustainable …

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Six things you must do before starting a business

Will your great new idea succeed in this slow economy? With many existing SMEs struggling to survive due to a lack of affordable finance, slow demand and an unfavourable business environment of high tariffs, intermittent utilities supply and competition from cheap Chinese and South African imports, is there a way of knowing if your new business can grow and be …

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Stop Procrastinating Don’t be a Perfectionist

It’s often said that procrastination is the thief of time and many people put off either starting a business or launching a website because they want it to be perfect but being a perfectionist is the worst sin for budding entrepreneurs. There are so many people who want to quit their day jobs or are now unemployed and want to …

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