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Celebrating Women-Achievers In Entrepreneurship

Linda is a 38-year old entrepreneur who has made a positive contribution to the lives of a whole community through her business. She started her business 15 years ago, selling traditional sisal mats and baskets to local and overseas markets. The products are made by rural women in the southern parts of Zimbabwebabwe. Through Linda’s distributorship, over 30 women earn …

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The Essence of Leadership

By Rabison Shumba Many people desire the title of leader but have little or no understanding of what this calls them to become. Leadership is not a game of poker neither is it something you can play with. Leadership shapes the atmosphere and culture of an organization. The poorer the leaders, the less effective the organization becomes. Good leaders have …

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You got a plan? Just do it!

by Tafirenyika Makunike CREATINGwealth through asset creation is a practical subject which is developed by living it. Several people have written e-mails to me over a number of weeks the column has been in existence and most of them are ardent disciples of Robert Kiyosaki and would also like me to pin my mast on him and serialise his strategies. …

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A village that laughed at entrepreneurship

by Tafirenyika L. Makunike BACK in my local village close to Mozambican border, the sojourn and travails of one Mr Mabanja of Headman Dzobo’s area were crystallised into a village saying, generally describing non-strategic effort which does not yield the desired output. So if you went hunting and came back empty handed, the villagers would say “waite Mabanja abve Joni …

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