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You got a plan? Just do it!

by Tafirenyika Makunike CREATINGwealth through asset creation is a practical subject which is developed by living it. Several people have written e-mails to me over a number of weeks the column has been in existence and most of them are ardent disciples of Robert Kiyosaki and would also like me to pin my mast on him and serialise his strategies. …

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More first generation entrepreneurs required – Zimbabwe Entrepreneurial Infrastructure Series

South Africa, Zimbabwebabwe, Botswana and a several other African countries have come up with various affirmative action programs and broad based black economic empowerment programs (BEE) and indigenization .Given the historical economic imbalances these programs are relevant and imperative for Africa to attain a sustainable economic advancement necessary to uplift the standards of living on the continent. However the concept …

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The future of Internet Marketing in Africa

By Richwell Phinias –  CEO and Founder Dariro.com (www.dariro.com) Communication in Africa. Vuvuzelas attracted a lot of attention during the first ever soccer World Cup hosted in Africa by one of Africa’s best developed nations, South Africa. Vuvuzelas are reputed to have their roots in the kudu horn, which would summon African villagers to meetings, and the name may have …

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Peanut butter making in Zimbabwebabwe

Fadzavanhu Enterprises — Zimbabwebabwe   Meet Esnat Yosa, Memory Chawira, Lucy Chikoani and Roster Ziko, the ladies of Fadzavanhu Enterprises – a women’s co-operative group in Chitungwiza, a satellite town of the Zimbabwebabwean capital Harare – who have been able to improve their families’ quality of living by making peanut butter. Theirs is just one of the successful and sustainable …

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Six things you must do before starting a business

Will your great new idea succeed in this slow economy? With many existing SMEs struggling to survive due to a lack of affordable finance, slow demand and an unfavourable business environment of high tariffs, intermittent utilities supply and competition from cheap Chinese and South African imports, is there a way of knowing if your new business can grow and be …

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Find out if you are a runner up for starting your own Business in Zimbabwe?

Do you by chance dream of running your very own business in Zimbabwebabwe? Although several people have fantasized, only a small number are actually daring enough to take the jump towards being self-employed. It is definitely not the journey for the faint of heart. Most who succeed in starting their own businesses in Zimbabwebabwe share particular traits that are detailed …

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