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An idea mooted in a difficult season will thrive in good times

by Tafirenyika Makunike WE MAY be geographically located in diverse regions but as long as you consume some product, there is no doubt that you will probably have your financial back to the wall if you have not proactively put your finances in order. In many places, fuel has gone up by about 30% this year and this invariably filters …

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Achieving greatness: Positive attitude vital

Herald Zwe –By Chemist Mafuba The Greatness Manual: Recipes for Perpetual Success By Rabison Shumba. Foreword by Dr John Stanko Greatness Factory Publications, 2010, 161 Pages. ISBN 978-0-557-88872-6 (Paperback) A BOOK that a Zimbabwebabwean published in the United States of America on how youths can succeed in business is now available on the local market. The Greatness Manual, which was …

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Six things you must do before starting a business

Will your great new idea succeed in this slow economy? With many existing SMEs struggling to survive due to a lack of affordable finance, slow demand and an unfavourable business environment of high tariffs, intermittent utilities supply and competition from cheap Chinese and South African imports, is there a way of knowing if your new business can grow and be …

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Stop Procrastinating Don’t be a Perfectionist

It’s often said that procrastination is the thief of time and many people put off either starting a business or launching a website because they want it to be perfect but being a perfectionist is the worst sin for budding entrepreneurs. There are so many people who want to quit their day jobs or are now unemployed and want to …

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Women entrepreneurs must be suppported – Zimbabwebabwe Entrepreneurial Infrastructure Series

Africa’s economic independence aspirations require more women participants to be involved in business ownership and entrepreneurship. Normally innovation drives entrepreneurship which starts first with the vision then the mission which leads to the creation of a business. There is no natural law which excludes women in business but rather social construction and family values have served to exclude women from …

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