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An idea mooted in a difficult season will thrive in good times

by Tafirenyika Makunike WE MAY be geographically located in diverse regions but as long as you consume some product, there is no doubt that you will probably have your financial back to the wall if you have not proactively put your finances in order. In many places, fuel has gone up by about 30% this year and this invariably filters …

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Setting financial goals, and chasing them

by Tafirenyika Makunike ONE of the greatest opportunities conferred by the silly season we have entered now is the opportunity to think. The soft music, the goodwill messages of Christmas and the great outdoors create a fertile ambiance for productive thinking. As Zimbabweans, it is important that we make a transition from just an educated community to a ‘thinking and …

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A village that laughed at entrepreneurship

by Tafirenyika L. Makunike BACK in my local village close to Mozambican border, the sojourn and travails of one Mr Mabanja of Headman Dzobo’s area were crystallised into a village saying, generally describing non-strategic effort which does not yield the desired output. So if you went hunting and came back empty handed, the villagers would say “waite Mabanja abve Joni …

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Tourism: the boundless possibilities

by Tafirenyika Makunike I AM spending the whole of this week in Cape Town and when I look around, I sense that the tourism product is generally subdued. It is not the excessive hype we were sold pre-World Cup 2010 of exponential growth in arrivals. I have read through the annual report of one of the JSE listed South African …

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Financial Lessons From The Eagle

by Tafirenyika Makunike THINGS in our lives change not from just wishing they do. Neither do they change because we have written them down. They will not change because they have been legislated for. Your current financial situation will only change when you move from desiring, wishing and dreaming to doing something. There is something precariously dangerous about comfort. It …

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