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Vusi Thembekwayo on entrepreneurship

We watched SA’s young multi-millionaire and serial entrepreneur  Vusi Thembekwayo being interviewed on ENCA and we could not help, but share some of the wisdom nuggets he shared.

  1. Entrepreneurs will succeed regardless of the circumstances
  2. The real cost is not to starting a business, it’s to staying in business
  3. Entrepreneurs will make it work regardless of the situation
  4. Entrepreneurs are crazy people. What keeps you going is having a strong view of what you want to do, and how what you want to do is going to change your space.
  5. Second only to having a technical ability to what you are doing, mentorship is required
  6. Mentorship is the ability to see through the corner and you can’t see through the corner if you have never been there.
  7. I have never really had a single mentor. What I do is that I have people I go to for different pieces of advice based on different things and different experiences.
  8. Know your numbers
  9. Keep company with people who understand what you are doing.
  10. Entrepreneurship is not a theory. Until you’ve done it, all the theory is just that

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